Boo Hiss KFC Coupon

On Wednesday May 6th, I received an e-mail from Mom.  It was a link to  Normally I could care less about going to her web site or watching her show… it’s just not for me.

Anyways, the reason I went there was to get the free coupon for KFC Grilled Dinner.  FREE FOOD?!?  I’m there!  When I went to download or print the coupon, I was stopped by the error message from KFC.  They only way I can download the coupon was if I was using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above.  WTF?

Unfortunatlly the coupon downlaod / print offer was only valid until 11:59 PM on Wednesday May 6th.  I forgot to reboot into Windows to get the coupon.

Looks like I was not the only one having problems.

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