Ubuntu 9.04

Well today is the day for Ubuntu 9.04!  When I get home from work, I will update from 9.04 RC. I hope it is not another 2 hour event.

I was disappointed about Evolution not having the ability to import PST files.  I install readpst sudo apt-get install readpst to convert the PST files to mbox format.  I was able to import each mbox file into Evolution, and only had a few instances where I lost an e-mail.  Unfortunately I have many sub-folders in my Inbox, because I like to sort my messages, and it is a real PINTA to go through each folder to import.

I also tried to import my Contacts too, but that did not go over well.  I tried Thunderbird, but I was not able to export the contacts correctly.  I’m sure it was something I was missing.  The export I did from Outlook did save the file, and I was able import the Contacts, but the data was in all different fields.  So now I have to cut and paste the information into the correct fields. once again, I’m sure it was something I missed.

I ordered the Ubuntu 9.04 CD so I can rebuild the system from scratch.  Maybe Ubuntu will have the import PST files into Evolution available by then.  Maybe I’ll keep searching the Internet to see if anyone has a fix.

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