Ubuntu 9.04 RC Upgrade Complete

The upgrade went well for the most part.  After the packages were downloaded, the system was suppose to install the upgrades.  I waited for an hour, but nothing happened.  Time to reboot and try again.  This time the upgrade worked correctly.  The total time to upgrade my PC was 2 hours 10 minutes.  My PC is over 7 years old; it is a Dell Dimension 8200 P4 1.8 GHz with 768 MB RAM, NVIDIA GForce 2 MX 400 64MB video card, and 80 GB ATA 7200 RPM HDD.

According to bootchart, my system boots within 33 seconds.  However, conky has me up and running in exactly 1 minute ready at my Desktop.  The upgrade also resolved a video driver issue I had playing movies and seeing the menu bar in OpenOffice.  I still cannot enable the cool 3-D effects, but I guess you can’t have everything.

The system is still running ext3.  I’m not sure how to move to ext4 without rebuilding, but I have some time to research it.  I started Firefox and logged into Youtube to see if I still can play and watch movie there.  Nope.  Flash player was detected as being an old version or my javascript was not enabled.  Well, I knew javascript was running, so closed Firefox and removed and reinstalled flash with the following commands: sudo aptitude purge flashplugin-nonfree andsudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree.Now I can watch Jeff Dunham anytime I want!

I will order the Ubuntu 9.04 CD as soon as I can and then most likely do a complete reinstall.  After all, this system started as Ubuntu 8.04, ugraded to 8.10, and now is 9.04 RC.

My PC from bootchart
My PC from bootchart

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