Bike Riding

A Good Day for Bike Riding

After playing around with Ubuntu 9.04 Linux using the Live-CD, I got my bicycle out.  I gave my bike a one over and decided to purchase new pedals.  The ones that came with the bike were plastic.  They served me well for two years, but when it rains, my feet slip off.

So I went to my favourite bike shop Wooden Wheels (where I bought my bike and gear), to pick up a new set of metal pedals with a good grip.  Unfortunately I arrived 5 minutes after they closed.  So I made a trip across town to Performance Bicycle to see if they were open.  I was able to get the pedals I wanted, for the same price I saw at Wooden Wheels.

I purchased a set of Forté ATB Comp Pedals.  Installation was easy, a no-brainer as long as yo can operate a wrench, and I was off enjoying the late afternoon an a bike ride.  Here are some pictures of my bike and the pedals I bought.  For $21.99, they were a great bargain.

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