Looking Forward to Ubuntu 9.04

I’ve been using different Linux distros over the past nine years.  I come to like several of them.  My top two are Ubuntu 8.10 and openSUSE 11.1.  And I am looking forward to upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 in April.  A good friend of mine installed the beta this weekend, and he noticed a big difference with the entire process.  In under one minute he can boot the PC, enter in his user name and password, connect to his home wireless, and be ready for any PC related task.  Nice…any chance to reduce the boot time is always a bonus.

I am looking forward to Evolution being able to import PST files without going through third party software.  I want to migrate my away from Windows XP and become 95% Linux.  The other 5% of the time is for work related stuff, and for providing IT Support on the side.

There are other features coming Ubuntu 9.04, and you can read about them by clicking on the Ubuntu Countdown picture.

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